How can I find local businesses that are going out of business?

I’m looking to buy some used office furniture and such, and for various reasons I’d rather buy it directly than through the surplus dealers. How can I find businesses that are going out of business or closing locations in my area (New England)?

I’ve bought office furniture new (vast difference in prices depending on where you go), used from surplus dealers (often some good deals) and used from the previous owner.

As to the last, going out of business is not necessarily the key. Businesses let go of furniture both when they’re downsizing (listen for layoffs) and when they’re significantly upgrading (check the business section for outfits that have just signed a new lease on 30,000 sq. ft. of office space).

Good luck!

Also, besides layoffs, if you have an ear in the business world, news of a sale of assets gives you another candidate.