How can I get and watch the entire series of Lexx? (in the US)

So my first thought is maybe there is some program I can install on my computer that would allow me to watch european coded DVDs?

(yeah, yeah, I know I’m weird. I like Lexx)

I bought S3 a few years ago. It was Region 1 and played fine.

I just checked and Ebay currently has the various seasons in Region 1 and also some for Europe.

It’s a good series.

Lexx is available in NTSC; do you already have European discs?

If you own the DVDs, you can switch the region on your DVD player to the proper region, usually up to 4 times (1) switch to 2, 2) switch back to 1, 3) switch to 2, 4) switch back to 1). If you just want to watch them

You can re-encode the DVDs using DVD Shrink and put them on new discs in Region 1 format.

You can also just take the files from the DVD and switch them into AVI, using something like GordianKnot or (links). You can then watch them on your computer at any time, or if you have a DVD player that supports DivX/AVI files, you can put them on a disc and play them in your player.

The german actresses Eva Habermann and Xenia Seeberg certainly spiced up Lexx. Been years since I’ve seen them.

I don’t think these will play on a standard DVD. Or am I mistaken?

(to answer your question: I haven’t bought any discs yet.)

Region 1, NTSC plays on any standard DVD player in the US or Canada.

Yes, but the first review seems to indicate that the DVD, while Region 1, is actually in the PAL format.

Joost used to have all if not most of the series.

A couple of years ago I picked up a PAL-capable DVD player at Sears for $25.

You can buy the 1st 4 “movies” (aka Season 1) on Region 1 DVD from

the entire series was released on dvd in the us/canada by acorn media, but sadly isnt availiable on thier website. (i dont know anything about the complete series set on amazon) i’d say check ebay or your local resale shop. took me forever to build a complete season 2+3 set so youll have to try to be patient… i’d post isbn numbers and whatnot, but thats about 20 disks…

I have older version of Season 1 disc 1 and disc 2, but the entire 1st season is available at amazon.

It looks like you may have to wait a bit for newer editions, as the rest of them seem to bee OOP at the moment.