How can I get my cat to stop licking himself?

I did a search, and didn’t find anything conclusive, so here are my scenario and my questions. My cat (Bailey) has had Feline Urinary Syndrome three times since September. The last time was about a month ago. He went into the vet’s, and they suggested making our little boy kitty into a little girl kitty. All external gentalia snipped off, so that blockage wouldn’t happen again. Three weeks ago, we got the surgery done, and he was sent home the next day, wearing a big plastic collar.

Bear in mind that this was three weeks ago. On our last visit to the vet a week and a half ago, he said we could leave the collar off as long as Bailey didn’t lick the surgical area too much. We’ve experimented with taking the collar off, but the longest he’s been allowed collar-free is about half an hour, because he licks himself raw.

I just tried again fifteen minutes ago, and he’s bleeding a bit. :frowning: We’re sponging him off, and we’ve got some cream, so I’m not worried about infection.

My questions are, 1) why does he compulsively lick his incisions to the point that they bleed, 2) is there any way to make him stop except the collar, and 3) How long is it probably going to be before he’s fully healed?

I know he licks because he’s cleaning etc. but he’s causing himself discomfort, and he’s bleeding, which seems contra-survival.

Any help? It’s been three weeks he’s been banging around in that thing. The stiches are out, but he’s not healed yet. Other than the licking, he seems fine- he plays, sleeps on us conpulsively, and purrs whenever he’s near a human. Normal Bailey-behaviour.

Hell…I got some crotch itch, I know I shouldn’t scratch it, but I still do…and I ain’t even a cat

There is some stuff available at most pet stores called Bitter Apple. It tastes like crap, so you spray it on the area the cat’s been licking and it should stop.

I might try try that today. I should pass by at least one pet shop. Any more answers or suggestions? Please?

Wait, might the bitter apple burn an open wound? And by open I don’t mean gaping, think paper cut and alcohol or salt…

I’d keep the collar on until he was fully healed. Sure it’s pathetic to watch him tottering around in that thing, but it will help him heal faster.

I don’t think I’d put Bitter Apple on an unhealed wound, you may want to call the vet about that one.

Poor kitty. Hope he’s doing well!

Healing flesh itches. It is natural for him to lick it to alleviate the itch. I don’t know of any way to stop it other than the collar… what’s so bad about the collar anyway?

If it’s an itchy skin issue, perhaps a cortisone-type product? I’ve used something on dogs for “hot spots” and other assorted itchies, but I can’t recall the name, but do remember it’s a yellow liquid.

Regardless, check with your vet first.

You can momentarily cover up the lick spot with some gauze or… whatever, and just spray right around the edge of it, that’s what I did with my dog, and it worked fine.

I can’t believe you cut his nads off. Now it’s your job as Mom to lick his wounds. Go for it. Hope it tastes nasty.

It’s my understanding that not unly did she sut his nads off…she cut other stuff off too!

However, it was necessary. Poor girly kitty boy.

Yeah, that sounds a little cruel.

Unfortunately, for some cats that suffer repeated episodes of urinary tract blockage,its basically their last option…I was just wondering lissla how much did the surgery come to if you are comfortable with saying it on here?My cat is currently semi blocked again and I’m afraid it might come down to the same thing soon

[QUOTEI can’t believe you cut his nads off. Now it’s your job as Mom to lick his wounds. Go for it. Hope it tastes nasty[/QUOTE]

So you’d prefer to let a pet die in agony? Just great. Or to have to suffer excruciating pain every few months, and have to have catheters inserted? And his nads were not cut off. It was everything else that they removed. He lost his balls to neutering before we adopted him.

I assume you’re volunteering to pay for sonicsink’s cat’s constant medical bills, rather than have the poor cat’s masculinity erased? Good for you.

We’ve got an appointment on Monday. The vet’s concerned that he’s still licking. I don’t want to have to wear the collar any longer than necessary, because I’m becoming increasingly aware that it’s screwing up his balance, his hearing, and his ability to focus on his surroundings. So if there’s an alternative, other than me having to chase him around 24/7, I’ll take it.

The average cost of treatment was $400 to $900, and the surgery and hospitalization cost $800. He’s an expensive little pet, but at least that problem won’t happen again.

I had a more thorough post written, but the hamsters ate it.

With better coding, too. :smiley:

mmmmm…Nad wounds.

levdrakon, my cat, Boy, has had several urinary blockages, and if it happens again, he’ll be changed from a rooster to a hen. This is really upsetting my husband - “You’ve already taken his balls! Do you have to take it ALL!”. But he understands and doesn’t want his pet to die an agonizing death.

A male cat’s urinary track is screwy, literally. There are loops and turns and rolls, moving through the pelvis then twisting and turning until it reaches the penis. Blockages are very common among males, and are very deadly. A cat can die within hours of developing a blockage.

And now he’ll live at leat 15 more furry, useless years. He’s not really a cat. I think he’s a stuffed toy in disguise. He loves everyone.

Lissla Lissar:

What are you feeding him? There’s been links between food and male urinary problems. Have you already explored this?

Poor baby. I hope he’s doing better.

Lissla sounds like a responsible pet owner. Vet’s prefer to avoid the dramatic surgery if possible so I’m quite confident that the vet would have had her try a special pH balanced food designed to prevent urinary infections like FUS. (And likely her cat will remain on this diet.)

Alas, some cats are just prone to it. And quite seriously too.

A1C Joe Compared to being treated for FUS the surgery is most certianly not cruel. You’re a cat, here’s your choice: Would you rather end the problem once and for good, or go have a tube inserted into your penis all the way up into your bladder semi-frequently so they can flush your bladder and empty it out? As an added bonus, you get to lie around for a day or two with this tube sticking out of you.

Lissla, unfortunately, the collar is the best way to go. If you haven’t tried it already, you can get a flexible fabric collar. It’s more like a round bib, rather than the rigid “satellite dish style”. It looks like a blue clown collar. It doesn’t interfere so much with their movement or bablance, but when the bend down to lick, then end up licking the plastic fabric.