How can I get the stink out of my vaccum cleaner?

It’s been stinking for 2 years, and doesn’t seem to be fading.

It started when I let someone borrow my vacuum cleaner for their car. It’s a cannister vac, so easier to use than their upright. :smack: What was I thinking? I knew the reason the car was being cleaned was because they had left the windows open during a rain.

I only have one carpeted room, so I don’t use it much. But the bag has been changed several times since then. Everytime I use it, my house smells like feet.
It’s weird, the machine itself doesn’t stink, even the rollers. But when it’s turned on, the smell seeps out.

Only a guess but it’s inexpensive to try and won’t cause damage. Maybe you could but some of that purfume smelling deoderizing carpet powder. You sprinkle it on the carpet and leave it sit for several minutes before vacuuming the next time.

If nothing else, you could just take it apart as much as possible and leave it outside for a while. No smell can persist forever if you let the particles disperse, and none are still being added.

Can the canister be washed out? Sounds like there might be a stinky dust or fur ball stuck somewhere. It doesn’t take much to cause an odor, not with warm air helping to circulate it.

Could the smell be in the hose?

You said it smells like feet, so it probably isn’t a belt getting hot.

Baking soda might work if the carpet powder doesn’t. Sprinkle a good bit on the carpet and vaccuum it up. Let it sit in the sweeper for at least a couple of days before you toss the bag.

If it’s a wet/dry vac, mix up some bleach water and suck it up. Let it sit in there for about an hour, and slosh it around real good in the canister itself and the hoses, before dumping it.

I have sometimes washed the hose of my vacuum cleaner in the shower. Just let water run through it, easy.

I had a stinky vacuum cleaner after an unfortunate accident involving mouldy potatoes. Don’t ask. Anywhooo, I got the stink out by putting a lot of dried cloves (I had to look up what the English word for “kryddnejlika” was; the literal translation is “spice pimpernel”, which doesn’t sound quite right) in a fresh vacuum cleaner bag. After a few uses, it was good as new.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried the scented powder stuff. It worked okay, but the fragrance wore off before the feet smell did. I’ll take it apart if I can and try to locate the source.

You might have totake it apart, because something is clinging to the internals in a layer. I assuming you have a cloth bag or such for the following to work. Put it in a freezer for a week. The plastic may crack, so be aware of that, and empty it first. It works on other things, so give it a try. I’vestuck musty sleeping bag in the back car window in the summer, to get rid of musty smells.