How can I get this file to open?

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I am fairly ignorant about these computer thingys. The message I am getting is “file not supported” or “suitable graphics importer could not be found.”

The .zip extension means it’s a zipfile - a compressed archive. You’ll need an uncompressing program to open it; if you run Windows, WinZip will do it. (If you don’t run Windows, sorry, I don’t know what over OSes use for uncompressing zip archives.)

I have Windows. Thanks for the info.

Wel I’ve downloaded winzip and it tells me “does not appear to be a valid archive”. What next?

Is it a legitimate file and not some strange virus?
Try renaming it with only letters, no spaces.

IIRC, the + on a zip file means the file is encrypted. You should be asked for the password by Winzip. If Winzip is saying the file is corrupted, you might try ‘fixing’ the file, a tool within Winzip. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to try downloading the file again – your copy is incomplete, or scrambled.

In any case, you’ll still need the password.

I have downloaded it again. Winzip has unzipped it, without asking for a password, but will not open it.

It is a photograph sent by email from a reputable source. The virus checker does not kick in so I assume it to be virus free.

Eh? If winzip has unzipped (meaning decompressed) the file, its job is done. You will now find the unzipped file . . . somewhere . . . wherever you asked winzip to put it. Go find the new resulting file and open it with whatever application supports that file format. If it’s a picture, the new file probably has a .jpg extension. Jpg’s can be displayed in many applications.

When I do that I get the message “does not appear to be a valid archive.”

What’s the name of the file you’re double-clicking on? It sounds like you’ve never actually unzipped the file if it continues to say “Does not appear to be a valid archive.” For example, if I have a .jpg (call it image1.jpg) saved as a zip file (although there’s no good reason I could think of for zipping a JPEG, except if you’re transmitting multiple photos in a folder), it might be named When I unzip, the program should ask me where I would like to unzip the file. When it unzips, the resulting file will be my original, image1.jpg, in whatever folder I saved it in. So, you will have two files left over after the unzipping process: the original and the unzipped image1.jpg.

Either that, or Contrapuntal has some screwed up file associations.

OK I almost have it sorted out now. I have to tell Winzip to open the file in Picture Viewer. After I choose Picture Viewer I am supposed to check the “always open in this program” box, but the box is not highlighted and will not let me check it. Any thoughts?

I suspect it is a file with a double extension.

Go to Control Panel, Folder Options, click on the tab View and see if “Hide extensions for known file types” is checked. If so, uncheck it and then click on “Apply to All folders” and then click OK. Now you will be able to see the real file extension.

Unfortunately, it is already unchecked.

You can try to drag-and-drop the file from the Winzip window somewhere on the Desktop. Then, when you double-click the file, it will open with the default Windows program.

OR you might just have a corrupted file, and nothing you do will let you open it satisfactorily. If someone sent this to you, ask him/her to send you an unzipped version if possible.

That does it! Well, sorta. If I drag it to the Desktop it still asks me what program to use, but if I drag it to a window in Explorer, it opens right up. I still don’t know why I cannot set a default program that works when I click on the file.

Thanks, **Dog80 ** and the rest of you folks.