How can I improvise some form of organic gum for rolling papers?

I had a large pack of Raw brand organic hemp papers. A cup of water was spilled on them. I set the pack out to dry, thinking that they might be still usable eventually after they’re dried out.

The problem is that the gummed edge has dissolved, so while the papers are in fact dry and usable, they no longer have a sticky edge for holding them together once they’re rolled.

Rather than buy a new pack of rolling papers, is there any organic material, food-related or something, that I might already have in the house, that I can use to make an improvised strip of glue to go on the side of the papers? This would let me continue to use them (waste not, want not) and I’d have that perenially-satisfying feeling of using creativity to rig up a solution to a problem. Like McGuyver.

Anyone have any ideas?

You can make glue from milk.


ETA: There are plenty of people who use papersintentionally glue-less.

Anything sticky applied in a thin layer should work: jelly, honey, syrup, caramel, fluff, etc.

We use beaten eggs to seal egg rolls. But you’re gonna have to do it each time I would think.


egg white?

Flour and water paste

Semen? :smiley:

This might be (is) gross, but you don’t just want plain saliva. Go ahead a hock a loogie, bring it to the tip of your tongue and dab some off with your finger. You need a little mucus to act as the binder.

No white school glue at your place? Because that would work handily.

Would you wanna burn and deeply inhale “white school glue”?

No; it sounds offensively racist! :slight_smile:

1 more vote for honey, or extra saliva.

The Raws I get never stick worth a crap anyway.

Corn starch glue is the simplest, dries fast and holds great. Here is a recipe -

That stuff is just PVA as far as I know. It’s pretty non-toxic by itself, and I don’t see that its combustion products would be any more harmful than all the other stuff in the paper and its contents! You’d only need the tiniest smear.

S’not nice.

I smoke cigars. I have a small bottle of cigar glue to make repairs. My glue is made from pectin. Gum arabic is also used. There are other glues used in cigar factories. These are all plant products.