how can i install two midis on the same page?

i am building a web site and need to have two midis on the same page. i need a sound affect to play first and then be followed up by music. can this be done and how?

Ignoring that having a MIDI file embedded on a page is a source of annoynance to many;

take editor, paste one to end of other, put new joined file on on site. :slight_smile:

i tried that and they both played at the same time. i want sound affect first and then music next.

maybe you could show me the correct tag.

but not an annoyance to all, hahaha

here are the two seperate tags, hahaha, how do i join?

<EMBED SRC=“toilet.wav”
Autostart=true Hidden=false height=“0” width=“0”>

<EMBED SRC=“CryMeARiver.mid”
Autostart=true Hidden=false height=“0” width=“0”>


not a tag;

I mean you open the files up in a MIDI editor, take the one you want to play second, and paste it to the end of the file that you want to play first, and then save the NEW MIDI file and then embed that instead.

thank you for the information. i now understand your instructions but have never used a midi editor.