How can i keep my glasses cleaner

My new pair of glasses get dirty all the time, I’d probably have to clean them 10 times a day to keep them clean. my old glasses never had this.

Is there some OTC spray i can use that keeps them clean instead of just temporarily removing smudges? Can i take them back to the optician and have them put some kind of coating on the lenses so they will be dirt resistant?

Try this. It is a touchscreen cleaner intended to repel dust.

I let mine go for months and then use Ajax. :smiley:

Do you have anti-glare or anti reflective coating?

These coats seem to attract grease like crazy.

I noticed the same thing when I got a pair of glasses with anti-glare coating. I took them back because I couldn’t keep them clean. I don’t think they attract grease, but I think even a monolayer will interfere with the destructive interference properties that make the anti-glare work. The result is some opaqueness that is not visible with ordinary glasses without anti-glare.

If these are new frames then perhaps the lenses are touching your nose and picking grease from it. If so, they might be able to adjust them so this doesn’t happen. To get the lenses really clean try using liquid dishwashing soap and warm water. Dry with a soft cloth, not Kleenex. Kleenex can actually scratch plastic lenses. When wipping the lenses always wipe towards where the nose might touch so if there is any grease there you don’t spread it to the rest of the lens. Lastly, unless it is interfering with your vision, leave small amounts of dust etc. on your glasses rather than cleaning them all the time.