How can I keep the hem of this shirt from rolling?

I have this t-shirt (which is quite new) that either was not made with or has lost its hem around the bottom. This is causing the bottom of the shirt to roll up a little bit.

What can I do to get the bottom of the shirt to straighten out?

Ummmm… hem it?


Any suggestions for a quick(er) fix?

How handy are you with an iron? There’s this stuff at fabric stores called hem tape. Basically, it’s a strip of flexible glue that looks and feels like very thin non-woven fabric. You measure and turn up your hem (ironing it in place is useful), put this between the turned up and shirt parts, and iron it to melt the glue and hem the shirt with no sewing.

Get “Regular” or “lightweight” for t-shirts. “Heavy” or “super” are for things like jeans and corduroy.

Is this by any chance a “raglan” style shirt (ie, one that has no hemmed bottom and 3/4 length sleeves, designed to be similar to the REALLY old-style basball jerseys?) Yeah, I hate those because of that reason. I like the 3/4 length sleeves, though, but I haven’t found anyone that makes a raglan style with hemmed bottoms. You’d think they would, since there is no advantage yo unhemmed, other than cheaper to make, but they already make the hemmed versions for regular t-shirts, so what’s the big deal?!

If it’s a t-shirt, I’m guessing it’s made from a knit fabric. Stockinette (that’s the stitch used for most machine-knit fabrics) rolls inherently – it’s just the nature of the fabric. The only way you can prevent it from rolling is to hem it.