How can I make this Wiki page better?

A while ago, I wanted to learn how Wikipedia works, so I decided to do some edits on this page about an airfield near where I live. I copy edited the history section, started the section on the NZ Grand Prix, searched a newspaper archive and added to the accidents section, learned how to do the references, and went out and got a picture. (Got lucky there! the DC-3 turned up at exactly the right time!)

I was thinking about what more I could do to further improve the quality of the article but I’m not sure what else to do. I’m thinking that the operational section could be changed out of list format. I also have some rather incomplete info - I found passing references to one squadron that was based there in the RNZAF official history, but none of the others that would have rotated through there. I also have some photos of some sign boards that were in the Warbirds hangar during an airshow with useful information, but I have no idea how to cite them.

Finally, is there any difference between the references and sources section? should I merge them?

Only merge them once you figure out which parts came from that one in the Sources section. If you can’t do that, get rid of it. Either way there should just be a references section when you are done.

And definitely remove any lists.

There might be more you can do, but I’m not really into the rating articles side of Wikipedia. All I can tell you is to click on the “quality scale” links in the “portals” on the to of article’s talk page to find out the criteria for improving the article.