How can I make wool socks last longer?

I wash them in cold water and let them air dry. I end up throwing them away after wearing them maybe 6-7 times.

MUST I hand-wash them? I’m a soldier and wool socks are an issue item. When they get worn out or thrown away I have to replace them. At around 2 bucks a pair, a lot of us have wool socks for inspection time and wear cotton on a daily basis. Handwashing seems like a big pain for something worn every day.

I’d like them to last longer; they are warmer than cotton in the winter.

Thanks, Lee

Aren’t most wool socks nowadays available in wool/synthetic blends? I can’t recall having bought a pure wool sock since the early 70’s. Here’s a poly-wool army sock

I wear wool socks every day of the year-- even in summer-- heck, even while working out or running.

I’ve had some pairs for 5 years or longer.

Usually, I just wash my socks in cold water in the washing machine, and dry 'em in the dryer. Black, Blue, Green or Grey, they still look fine after dozens of washings (although the older black ones start to turn blue on the bottom for reasons I’ve never bothered to figure out).

I buy 'em at Mark’s Work Wearhouse by the 3-pack whenever necessary.

I wear wool socks and I wash them in the washer and they last a lot longer than you say.

Wow. Maybe the socks we buy at Military Clothing are just a poor-quality brand. I’ll look for some off post.