how can I obtain content from the now defunct website Daily Radar?

I really miss that site.
Oh well.

But what I want is a review that they had of the Dune mini-series. It was a spot on review and I must find it so that I can share it with the world. But where can I find it? Who can I contact? I am trying the internet archive, but it is being very finicky right now. Any other ideas?

Do a Google search on “daily radar” and “dune” and see whether it shows up as a Google cached site (or whether someone “borrowed” it from Daily Radar before the site went bust).

I can’t promise you’ll find it. (If you know the author/byline, you might try that instead of “daily radar.”)

Also try The Wayback Machine.

Now that I think about it, that’s probably what you meant when you said you were “trying the internet archive.” Never mind. :slight_smile:

YES!!! I found it!!!

God bless the Internet Archive Project!!!