How can I preserve a Snake I caught?

Hiya all.

After finding a meter long Dugite in our chicken run this morning, and killing it. I now want to preserve it for “posteritiy’s sake”

Is there any way I can do this without using dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, wait a minute, you live in Australia? Doesn’t Australia have snakes coming out of its ears? Why bother preserving it at all? Just hang it on your wall or whatever, and when it rots away, go outside and grab the one that’s closest to your hand (but quickly, before the one at your feet bites you). Repeat.

Preserve without dangerous chemicals? Have you considered mummification?

Heh :smiley:

It’s not that bad - although spring is the time for snakes.
Anyway, can I use Methylated Spirits? I was basically planning on just filling up the container I have the snake in and leaving it like that :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest not killing it, but you’ve already slaughtered the poor biblical malcontent. I dunno what “Methylated Spirits” is… Farley Mowat claims to have traded his formaldehyde for grain alcohol on a trip up north. Worked as well, and much more drinkable. If that’s what is, 2nd hand knowledge from a 1st class liar sez it should work ok. :wink:

Preserve it in aspic.

Get some tanning kit and a mannikin for him through WASCO and try your hand. You could make a cool lamp with him then.

For best results (at some cost), send it to a professional taxidermist and get it stuffed and framed.

I had a couple turtles, a lizard, and several tropical fish in my freezer for years. Fun to leave them behind when you move, if you wanna freak out your landlord.