How can I pull this off?

Okay, so my SIL will be in town this week and since I was too busy to call her on her real birthday, I want to make her gift presentation extra special. My idea is to give her her gift in an oversized box that has helium balloons in it. When the balloons fly out of the box, I want them to release a little packet of confetti. I know this sounds silly, but she’ll really get a kick out of it.

How can I make this happen? An early release will defeat the whole purpose. Ideally the confetti would release when the packet is like 2 feet out of the box (or higher). Any ideas??

You could toss the confetti while her attention is on releasing the balloons?

Ha! Based on the responses to this thread, that may be my only option!

How about putting a HUGE, highly decorated label on one of the strings saying ‘Pull here’ and have a party popper type thing included?

Cheesy but fun.

First, grow five extra arms. Okay, now that you’ve got seven arms, use three of them to shove helium balloons into a box , two to sprinkle confetti on top of the balloons, and two more to close the box. When the balloons are released upon opening, the confetti will fall off the top of the balloons all festive like. You can enjoy the grin on your SIL’s face for 3.7 seconds before you realize someone is going to have to vacuum up all that damn confetti.

Fold a small paper envlope to put the confetti in. Attach one flap to the ballon and the other flap to a string or ribbon. Tape the other end of the string to the bottom of the box. You may need a small amount of adhesive to prevent premature opening (maybe you could fold the envlopes from Post It Notes they would seem to have just the right amount of stickyness ).

P.S. Happy Happy Merry Merry to your SIL.

Maybe you can rig it so the confetti will release when a string is pulled, then tape a 2-foot string to the bottom of the box - when the balloon/confetti thing to which it’s tied raises up that far, it’ll get a tug.

Yeah, I thought about the mess. We are SO doing this on the deck!

You just might have something here! I’ve got my eye on you, Glazer!

(and her name is Merri! Go figure.)


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The helium balloons in the box is easy enough. Just stuff a bunch of balloons in a box and have her open it.

For the confetti, have two people hide somewhere on the deck with some of these. Then have them shoot the confetti in the air as she opens the box of balloons.

Or if you can, put the confetti shooters inside the box under the balloons and somehow rig the box to fire the shooters when someone opens it.

What if you filled one or two of the balloons with confetti, and had a sharp shooter shoot something at them as they rise into the air?

By sharp shooter I mean someone in your family willing to do it, and by “something” i mean something that will pop a balloon but not wound anyone, of course :smiley:

My husband IS a sharpshooter, but the only thing we have laying around is a Glock. I’m thinkin’…Not. :wink:

That’s happened to me too.
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Well, that would certainly surprise her! :stuck_out_tongue:

Stand the sharpshooter on a convenient nearby grassy knoll.

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