How can I see my .art files?

I have a large number of graphics files with an .art extension which I’ve always been able to see with Internet Explorer.

However, due (I’m guessing) to a recent “automatic update,” I can no longer open them.

Anybody got a clue how I can see them again? They don’t open with any other graphics program that I have currently.

That’s an AOL proprietary format. Microsoft recently discovered a security flaw (oh, the irony!) in it and stopped support for the .ART viewer in IE. This page describes how to use AOL to convert the files to a more useable format (you don’t need to sign up with AOL to do this).

Thanks Q.E.D, but it isn’t quite working for me. From the page you linked:

This used to work, but now it doesn’t anymore. IE will no longer open them. That’s why I’m kvetching. I’m guessing I’ll have to download an older version of IE, or something.

Or I’ll have to shudder download AOL.

Stupid updates…