How can I start a new city?

I think Louisiana needs a new city. Built on bedorck and not, well, mud. Anyone know how I can organize one, especially as I don’t live there now?

Follow a cow until it lies down. Go to nearest spring, kill serpent, get water for libations. Throw rocks to generate populace.

Hey, it worked for Kadmos (Cadmus) in Greek mythology.

I think, to be truthful, your biggest problem will be finding a place close by with the requisite bedrock. I suspect it’s quite a ways upstream, and already has a community there. All you need to do is move enough people there to make it a city.

A new city in Louisiana should be built away from Louisiana.

Well, there is bedrock near the coast… I think it’s just underwater. Still, no place could be worse than than what they had.

Now, the only hard part will be convincing people to come live in it!

Press Ctrl+N in Windows or Alt+N in DOS.
Select the starting year from 1900, 1950, 2000 or 2050.
You also get to choose to begin with $20000, $10000 or a $10000 bond.
Type in the name for your city, and you’re all set.

And remember, you can build your port in a corner of the city and it will still work as long as it has power and a road connection.

Also, watch out for llamas! But at the same time they must be revered.

Well, you can make an Emerald City with Malibu and Midori, though I recommend Mountain Dew in place of the Sprite.

Have a twin brother named Romulus.

But do you also have to have been raised by wolves?

That would certainly help (grin).


I think the bedrock starts around Hot Springs, or Little Rock (AKA New New Orleans).

Build it and they will come.

Better get some geological surveys and see if I can’t get a webblog devoted to it. I’ll call is Arc (as in Jean D’Arc, hence Maid of Orleans, get it?)

Mwah ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!