How Can I Stop My Cat From Being So Noisy?

Ok, this adorable little cat showed up on the doorstep about three months ago. My wife and I took him in, bathed him, got him fixed and all that. He’s a great cat. Energetic, smart, lots of fun. One problem: He wakes us up between 5:30am and 6:00am every morning! He stands outside our bedroom door and mewls and meows. Now, I know enough not to get up, open the door and reinforce his behavior, but sometime I happen to be getting up anyway, so I am afraid he has associated whining like a little baby with getting what he wants. Any advice from you cat lovers out there? I’ve thought about getting the water bottle and spraying him like you would for any other unacceptable behavior, but maybe there’s a better way. :slight_smile:


Before anyone accuses me of being cruel, ask anyone who knows me as to how much I dote on and love and baby my cats.

But a cat that makes your life hell by disturbing your sleep can really cause a rift between you and her/him, and if nothing else works, this trick will.

Get that Great Eater of Kitties, the vacuum cleaner, and place it outside your door. Turn the vacuum on, but don’t have it plugged in. Keep the cord in your room.

When the cat howls, reach over and plug the vacuum in for a few seconds. You may hear some alarming thumps, crashes, and breaking of small, yet valuable, items of yours. Remember, it’s all worth it. :wink:

I had one kitty that did this that was trained out of it after a week of early morning time with Ms. Vacuum. He started it again a few months later, and needed a booster shot, but it did stop him.

That’s why they invented burlap sacks and a convenient body of water for.

“kick its face off”

If there’s any Siamese or Burmese blood in the thing, nothing will work.

The water bottle will make a Siamese stand a bit further away while he howls even louder, and will make a Burmese turn his head away a bit. That’s about all.

The vacuum cleaner will have the same effect on a Siamese as the water bottle. A Burmese would probably piss all over the vacuum cleaner because he didn’t like it.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

No points for guessing what kind of cats I’ve got.

Do you happen to know just what it is that he wants at that time? If he just wants attention, try wearing earplugs to bed for a couple of nights until he learns your real diurnal routine… or install a cat door in your bedroom door… or leave your bedroom door open.

If it’s food, just put out some dry food before you go to bed.

If he wants out, just put him out before you go to bed, and let him in when you get up… or install a cat door.

Can’t think of many other things a cat might want…

That’s a good idea, Una Perrson! He’s not terrified of the vacuum like most beasts, but he certainly has no love for it. Hehehe. He’s just a random black and white stray cat, so I have no idea of his heritage. I really do like him a lot though, but as stated above it’s hard to show it when I just want to duct tape his mouth shut. He has food and water and never goes outside, so I think the motivating factor is just to get some attention. Anyway, thanks again everyone. :slight_smile:

Ugh. My cat started this recently - last night was the WORST. She literally stood out in the hallway and meowed at the top of her lungs for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!. We tried calling her to us (the bedroom door is always open) and she’d only shut up for about a minute. I got up and followed her to the kitchen, where she rolled over and asked for a belly rub. She had plenty of food and fresh water (though I refilled her water anyways) and didn’t seem hungry. I went back to bed and she started meowing again. My SO got up this time, went to go get her and put her on our bed, which quieted her for all of 5 minutes. I dont know what finally made her shut up - I think she went to sleep.

This cat tends to cycle through her habits, doing one thing for a couple of weeks in a row, and then switching to something else. Up until recently she spent her nights sleeping next to my pillow. Now she wants to serenade us.

I am worried that she is just lonely, and part of me wants to get another cat to keep her company, but there are a couple of reasons why we can’t just yet (adoption/vet costs being just one of them).


I hope she quiets down soon!

I’ve heard that a cat will reattempt an activity if it has succeeded 1 in 20 times in the past! So, never give in! That one time you got up and gave the cat some love will do you in forever.

Me, I leave my room door open, and have a squirt bottle within arms reach.

Put it outside at night. Sheesh.

My cat used to do that. I kept a water GUN (has a stronger more direct stream) by my bed so I could grab the gun, open the door a crack, yell “hush!”, and squirt him.

It worked. Every now and then he has relapsed, but once he sees that water gun, he hauls ass. (can I say “ass” in GQ?)

For something equally effective and less likely to cause damp spots on the carpet, I use canned compressed air. My cats hate this way worse than water, and I don’t even have to be near them or be a good shot.

I’m not sure why they hate it so much(although my theory is that it sounds like mamacats “you are in deep caca now,kiddo” hiss), but I’ve gotten to the point that I just have to pick up the can or say “I’m going to get the air!” to have them hightail it.