How can I tell if I have an NTFS or a FAT32?

I’m thinking of buying an external storage device for backing up my laptop (running Vista) and am looking at the Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini 250GB. In the review, it says:

and further on:

My laptop is less than six months old. How can I check to see which of these (whatever they are) I have on my computer? Thanks.

Go to MY Computer and right click on the drive you want to check. Click on properties. It will tell you what file system you are using.

That was entirely too simple. :smack: Thanks mucho. It’s NTFS, by the way. :smiley:

My laptop is less than six months old.
It’s NTFS.

Nobody can diagnose you over the internet. You’re going to have to see a doctor.

Sigh. I really should try to get current with things.

Here is a bit of information (Ha, I said bit) comparing the two different types:

Warning that site is NTFS!