How can I watch the presidential debate?

I’m in Saudi Arabia and I don’t want to miss the irony of ignorance being able to compete with wisdom, where are the debates going to be broadcasted and is there going to be an online broadcast?

When I open Google, it provides me a handy link for watching through YouTube

Don’t know if that will work for you in Saudi Arabia



Hulu and Apple iTunes have both carried it as well for free in the past (afterwards that is). Well Hulu has had the State of the Union in realtime but I don’t know if they were around 4 years ago.

How long until it starts?

Just under 3 hours to go.

Sorry, it can’t compete with tonights Yankee game.

Heck, it can’t compete with a good night’s sleep or watching paint dry. Shows how much I care. :rolleyes:

I agree. One guy has had the job for 4 years. The other has been campaigning for 2 years straight to include many public debates. I’m not really interested in seeing who comes up with the better quips. Neither will come out with anything surprising. And I’ll hear the highlights later.

so far I looked at and it said I can’t wait because I don’t have a paid TV provider.


Imma keep trying.

The youtube link above doesn’t look like it will be live. I’m desperately in need of a live feed, preferably with a low bitrate as I am bandwidth-challenged.

Yeah I could download it later, but that’s like watching a taped football game after some news snippet already spoiled it for you.

This site will be carrying it:

All the major news sites should be carrying it as well, such as NBC, Fox News, CBS, PBS, C-SPAN.