How can the military get grades & SAT scores?

The Pentagon is creating a national database for recruiters that will include names, birthdays, SS#, ethnicity, GPAs, and SAT scores of high school and college students. How does the military get ahold obtain grades & SAT scores? Do high schools need to give students grades out (unless parents object? I thought they just needed to give contact info. What about SAT scores? Doesn ETS release them to the military too? Are colleges also required to give out grades and contact info unless a student objects?

Notice that it is not the Defense Department that is collecting SAT scores and GPAs, it is a private contractor, BeNow Inc. of Wakefield, Mass. The admissions offices of colleges and universities do not get information about students directly from high schools; they go through information brokers. ETS sells lists to information brokers. You can opt out of this information-sharing when you take an ETS test. Most high school students who take ETS tests don’t opt out, because they want offers from colleges.

So these brokers can send someone’s SAT scores wherever they feel like, without the student’s permission? That doesn’t seem right.

Students determine whether their SAT and other scores will be available to third parties. This decision is part of the test materials.