How can the standard page margins be set in Word?

I open Word and a blank page shows up that now has a right margin of 7.5 inches. But it used to be a 6.5. I don’t know how it was changed and how to get it back. Nothing in the Index explains it well enough. How do I find out? Any help here?

Try the “Format” drop down menu, and select “Document” - it should give you the options for changing the margins.

As to why it happened, well, that’s Word.

I guess I should have also said this is Word 2000.

Let me Google that for you.

Change the margin to what you want and then save it as the default template.

Or, look for the “” file and delete it. Word will recreate it with the standard margins.

Changing the margin only applies to the document you are working on.

To set a new default margin, fonts etc. you have to open, make the change, and save.

Editing of is not required:

  1. Menu: File - Page Setup
  2. Tab: Margins
  3. Set the margin values
  4. Click the Default button