How can Venom bite some guy's head off with a human inside?

I don’t get that. In the Venom trailer, they show half of the Venom “mask” coming off with Tom Hardy’s face fully intact in there, talking along with Venom. Then he bites some guys head off and his mouth is wide open with Tom Hardy’s face nowhere to be seen.

Is this explained in the comics? I did a cursory glance at the Venom wikipedia article and saw nothing.

Conventional thinking is that it nourishes the symbiote itself without going to the human side.

Think of it like the Horrible Gelatinous Blog from Futurama. Venom bites the head off and the head is instantly dematerialized within the symbiote to give it nourishment.

It’s also how they can live for a time without a human host.

The usual explanation is that the Venom “mask” is larger than the human’s face, and set slightly lower. The white “eye” patches are actually below the level of the human host’s eyes, and the “jaws” are in the space below the human host’s chin.

Artists are inconsistent about this, however, and “looks awesome” will always have priority over “anatomically accurate”.

AIUI, the human is never melded with,or subsumed by the symbiont. It is more like a thick suit encompassing him, with some telepathic or nerve/brain connection. So it swallowing something is going down through the symbiont in front of the human’s stomach, not in to it. And not into any stomach per se, but more being absorbed like The Blob would do.

He’s a man in a Blob suit.

He’s a man in an alien, and I think you’re right, food is absorbed not swallowed. We have no reason to believe the alien is built like us.