How can we scare away a falcon?

There is a family of falcons that appear to have taken up residency in our neighborhood, and think that our back deck is the coolest hang-out spot in the place. However, we have a small dog, and we’re also rather attached to our yard’s squirrels (we feed them and everything). Although the squirrels seem unconcerned, we’re a bit worried that the falcons are going to start snacking on them or attempt to carry away the dog (although they probably couldn’t get far with her, they could probably manage to pick her up and drop her, which would be a problem anyway). Any suggestions of something that might scare away our new backyard buddies?

Talk to your vet about contacting the nearest raptor center. They may be able to give you some pointers to make your yard less attractive without getting to trouble for messing with an endangered species.

All of the concerned squirrels have probably moved on. One way or another.

Depending upon how small your dog is, and therefore what the risk would be, I think they’d be interesting animals to have around. Personally, I’d keep them.

I think you are wildly overestimating the carrying capacity of a raptor. Unless we’re talking a raptor the size of a very large eagle, or a dog literally the size of a squirrel, your dog has little to fear.

Here’s a real carry off
Bear Cub Carried Away By Eagle

See also’s_eagle

Say “Shoo, falcon! Git!”

The best course of action would be what SnakesCatLady suggested. Ask your nearest raptor center what to do, don’t just harass an endangered species, that could get you a hefty fine. I’m sure someone can provide a cite with just want you can, and cannot do and the penalties.

Around here we have Mississippi Kites. They look like falcons, and I always thought they probably ate small varmits, but they actually eat insects. They like areas with trees adjacent to open areas IIRC, like golf courses, and will harass golfers and the like. If you have these, you don’t really need to fear them.

Mississippi Kite. Pic Pic

Monica, I could use a falcon or two–they’d fix my pigeon problem straight away. How can I pick up a few?

Steal Dynomutt’s oilcan?
:wink: :smiley:

You will never be able to scare away the Falcon! So long as evil still creeps in the light of day the Falcon will be here to banish it to the darkness once again!

Or call your state Fish & Game Dept and/or the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for advice.

My Side of the Mountain was one of my all time favorite books as a kid…I’d go buy squirrels and pocket puppies in hopes of luring even more falcons to my back deck if possible.

I agree. I think birds are way cool and I would try to keep them. Just my opinion of course. It is none of my falcon business.