How can you change an Apple Powerbook keyboard

I need help finding out if i can swap my keypad on my Apple Powerbook G4 /400 with one of a different layout - Specifically, I want to swap the English keypad with a Japanese one. I know you can remove the keypad and replace it with a new one, but I haven’t found any info on replacing it with a Japanese keypad, which has Japanese characters written on the keys.

It’s different for different models. I’ve done it with my WallStreet G3 PowerBook, where the keyboard pops up to give you access to your drive bay & RAM and processor daughtercard and whatnot, but it’s liable to be very different on a TiBook or AlBook.

Still, for what it’s worth, mine was attached to the computer by wide durable retaining ribbon cable (nothing electric) and two standard (electric connector) ribbon cables, all of which were snapped into plastic retaining clips that would unsnap if you pried at them with a tiny slothead screwdriver. Your electrical connectors are probably similar but I’m going to harbor a WAG and say your keyboard is probably bolted into place.

Try Googling (or Alta Vista’ing) the phrase “replacing keyboard” or “replace keyboard” and “PowerBook” and see if you can find explicit directions and diagrams.

I tried googling it, but I’ve had little luck so far. :\