How close is your nearest nuke power plant?

For me it’s 9 miles which means we are in the official 10 mile evacuation zone. Every year we get a booklet about evacuation. I don’t worry about it. I used to live about 12 miles away so we did not have to evacuate from that house.

I am 33 miles from the troubled Ferrmi plant in Monroe ,Michigan.

We also have loud sirens that are tested about once a year but it’s during the day so I have never heard them.

I have no idea. I don’t really care.

I was about 10 miles away from one when I lived in Illinois though.

30 miles from the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, but not worried a bit. Also, it’s a CANDU reactor, so there’s even less reason to worry.

60 miles South of the Savannah River Plant (S Carolina coast). I don’t think there’s much chance of an earthquake here though, and it should withstand a hurricane pretty easily if it ever got hit.

A 7.3 magitude earthquake hit Charleston, S.C. in 1886.

I’m about 50 miles from this one.

Hmmm… some Googling suggests about 5000 miles or so.

Also there is a research reactor at NC State campus about 15 miles away. I actually stood on top of that one when I was in junior high - it was turned off. Other kids saw it when it was on. It only puts out 1 megawatt of power. Commercial plants put out 900 megawatts or more.

Indonesia I think so it would be around 1500 miles. Other than that probably India or South Africa.

30 kilometres (20 miles).

About 60 miles downwind of the largest Nuke plant in the country.

Active or decommissioned? The closest one to me at the moment isFt. St. Vrain about 330 miles north, in Platteville, CO.

It was announced in '65, and the first commercial power generated at the end of '76. It ran until '89 when it was closed due to continuing problems and expense, and too high a cost of needed repair parts.

Decommissioning was completed in '92, and the plant was converted to a gas turbine plant which went operational in mid '96. In February 2001, the plant exceeded the power output of the nuclear plant over its entire 13-year lifetime.

Cool beaners.

From the SLOWPOKE research reactor at the UofA, about 4km. From any decently sized one… a few thousand k at least.

For a while there was talk of refining tarsands with nuclear power; that’d be the closest if it got off the ground.

There’s a research reactor 190 miles east. And a commercial one about 250 miles to the northwest…some concern there, as I’m located directly downwind from that one. Pretty safe here though, not even any coal-fired plants to sully the air. There are however a number of very large hydro dams nearby, some of which could do some serious devastation if they failed. Seems like none of the major power-producing systems are risk-free. Personally, instead of always trying to build more generating capacity, I’d rather we’d get serious about finding good ways to use less.

I live about 45 miles from the plant in Monticello, MN, but I drive past it regularly on the way up to the cabin.

About 70 miles more or less from the Comanche Peak station in Somervell county, Texas.

I’ve gone dove hunting nearby for the past 3 years, but that’s about the only time I get out that direction.

I’m about 55 miles from that plant. I live in Bedford, where do you live?

There aren’t any in Australia, but I’m about 35km from the sole nuclear reactor.