How CoCo's been spending his free time

Yes, Conan’s started Twittering. Pretty funny so far. Just a heads up for anyone who’s interested.

He should be happy with his 30 million. I don’t think he’s going to get another shot at anything near what he was being paid. I admire his work ethic, but that show and that 12:30 time slot was his magic moment. IMO he’s not enough of a talent powerhouse to have lightning strike twice.

That’s very funny. I may start checking this regularly.

Looks like he grew a beard. That’s a first, right? Hope he’s back on TV soon…

I think he had one for a bit during the writer’s strike. Also, I think he can get a show at least as good as his 12:30 show was, if Fox will take him. (There were rumors that they were having cold feet.)

Conan should just stop with another talk show, talk shows aren’t good anymore, no one really watches them in general we have enough stuff to watch than people promoting whatever. I’d rather see Conan end with being canned from The Tonight Show than watch him crash and burn with something new.