How come Hard Rock shows are so rare compared to HoB?

In May I’m seeing My Chemical Romance at the House of Blues. I knew they might not sell out an arena, but thought they would at least be able to pack the Hard Rock Orlando. HoB has a capacity of much less than 2000 people, and Hard Rock can fit probably nearly double that (i’d estimate around 3000 tops.)

But they are still playing the HoB. And sold out their concert in less than a month. Which tells me that their managers most likely knew they would sell out.

So why aren’t more concerts at the Hard Rock? It would seem the perfect venue for artists of (currently) medium fame such as Elvis Costello, Heart, and the aforementioned MCR (the previous two of which I have seen at both the Hard Rock and HoB but mostly at the HoB despite the shows always being packed if not technically selling out!)

Is it because HoB has a sweet deal or Hard Rock wants more money? What gives?