how come the F5 to F8 keys are grey?

so I was going to boot in safe mode by holding the f8 key during boot… so I could run the adaware without too much other stuff getting loaded… and noticed the keyboard… the f1-f4 and f9-f12 are the same color as the regular keys but f5-f8 are grey. And on the keyboard other stuff is grey… esc, tab, cabs lock, shift, ctrl, win, alt… etc. Whats the deal with the color coding and are those f5-f8 keys used for other stuff? I don’t know… I don’t really use the f keys… I think they have different uses in various programs. Like for a dop multi track recording program I’ve got the rew stop play rec pause and ff taped to the top of the f4 to f9.

All the keys on my keyboard are the same colour.

All the keys on my keyboard are also the same. I would guess, however, that the keys are greyed to help remind you of the special functions they hold at windows boot time.

F5, as you know, boots into safe mode
F6 lets you install extra drivers if needed to get windows to boot
F7 I think lets you boot from a CD
F8 brings up a menu that gives you several different boot options

It depends on the keyboard manufacturer. On my keyboard they’re also the same color, but my SWAG on the color change is that they do this to break the 12 Function keys visually into three groups of four keys each, in addition to the small break between the groups of four.