How come there isn't more political violence in the US?

White/Christian Identity is full of delusional conspiracist paranoia. The Fourteen Words they have for slogan goes: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”*. Conspiracy theories like The Great Replacement** advances that whites are being replaced by non-whites, much like one troop of chimps displaces another troop of chimps. They seem to be terrified that society will disintegrate into a zombie apocalypse with non-whites as the zombies that break into their homes to tear them apart.
They seem to earnestly conceive of themselves like this:

If I had a Masada mentality like that, saw the demographic trends and especially after an interracial president, I’d be looking to clash sooner rather than later because time wouldn’t be on my side. Much like the election of Lincoln made clear which way the US was heading concerning slavery, the election of Obama makes clear which way the US is heading in terms of racial relations.

So, why aren’t we seeing more than a few isolated kooks? Shouldn’t we be starting to see some '70s-style organized assassination and bombing campaigns from small groups? Hearing them speak, they seem pretty confident that if push came to shove, the military would largely side with them and that their macho fighting spirit would win over effete liberals. But, where is the bite after all that bark? Where’s the concerted effort to fling matches into the gasoline and get this race war started already?

Why aren’t we seeing some more violence from black people? If I were a black man in unfortunate circumstances, I’d sometimes start to wonder if Farrakahn’s right and white people really might be devils. Haven’t some black people thought: “Fuck it, we’ll show them they can’t treat us like this and get away with it”?
Political violence, either aimed at enemies or in false flag operations, could be used to give people like Trump or Johnson an excuse to abuse their powers. If they want to watch the world burn, the world doesn’t seem that difficult to ignite.

Because, ultimately, nobody likes the idea of themselves dying futilely. Sure, you’ll kill a few of the people you dislike, and you’ll make the news, but in a few days, the nation will be “over” it and CNN/MSNBC/Fox won’t be covering it any more, and everybody will carry on with their lives, and you didn’t make a bit of difference. The government won’t change, the politics won’t change (much,) society won’t change much, nothing will really change meaningfully.

Meanwhile, ***you ***, the shooter, are dead.

In addition to what Velocity said (with which I wholeheartedly agree), as far as why hasn’t there been more violence from the right: President Trump is in the White House and Republicans control the Senate. There’s a high likelihood of getting favorable SCOTUS rulings in the near term. Why the hell would right-wingers want to kick over the apple cart under those circumstances?

Humans are somewhat rational creatures, and when the benefits of violence outweigh the drawbacks we are violent. When the drawbacks outweigh the benefits we do something else instead.

Right now the benefits do not outweigh the drawbacks. A few sporadic acts of terrorism aren’t going to stop multiculturalism. This isn’t the past when the police would help the KKK terrorize black people who registered to vote. Nowadays you go to prison for life for that stuff. A hundred years ago (hell fifty years ago) a few klansmen and police officers could violently terrorize those they saw as promoting a threat to white supremacy. Nowadays they can’t, and if they do they won’t get away with it.

Keep in mind violence is only one tool that right has used to try to stop multiculturalism and defend white supremacy. Undermining democracy is another tactic they’ve used for centuries. From slavery to jim crow to intimidating civil rights workers, they passed laws taking away people’s ability to affect change via legal means (voting, protesting, speaking publicly, freedom of assembly, etc).

The right still does these things. Voter suppression, voter ID laws, gerrymandering, encouraging russian hacking, making protests illegal and heavily punished, etc are all tools to undermine democracy to defend white supremacy. They want to stop people from voting, gerrymander so much that voting doesn’t matter, and encourage election hacking so voting doesn’t matter and white supremacy is entrenched in the US. If they could they would change the constitution to empower white supremacy too. Meanwhile things that could bring them down (protests, labor movements, etc) are neutralized and broken up legally.

The modern right seems to be using the tactic of using legal means to marginalize their opposition, undermine democracy and defend white supremacy rather than domestic terrorism because in modern society with all our checks and balances, domestic terrorism is far harder to get away with on a large scale like it was historically.
I mean, its progress in a way. The far right still hates democracy but at least they can’t get away with domestic terrorism anymore. And voter suppression may only disenfranchize 5% of black voters, as opposed to Jim crow that disenfranchized 99% of them.

How come there isn’t more political violence in the US?

Because ‘they’ are waiting for the word, the sign.

My fear is that Trump might issue one inadvertently. Or worse, advertently.

Because the vast majority of the population are moderates and grievances they voice are mostly recreational outrage. They like to spar with their co-workers, friends, and family about issues but really can’t be bothered to do anything about them. That’s somebody else’s job.
The really vocal ones who get worked up enough to do something about it are on the fringe and there’s just not enough of them. They do make a lot of noise though, make for great soundbites, and the news outlets love to use extreme examples when reporting anything.
The media would have you believe the nation is divided 50/50 with white racist gun/bible huggers on one side and socialist politically correct mixed-race tree huggers on the other.
We’re not really as divided as they’d have you think we are.

About 10% of the country (25% of voters) are liberals and another 10% of the public (25% of voters) are die hard conservatives.

The other 80% of the country don’t want to be involved in a civil war because of us. I can’t blame them.

Fundamentally, the number of radicals is very small. They may be vocal, and the internet acts as a megaphone, but it’s not a movement, per se. It’s more of a cohort.

As the esteemed H. Ditka points out, the party in power is giving some of the radicals a sense that they are winning.

Otherwise, the great middle is not part of the radicalized, so it is not useful to ask why they aren’t taking up arms.

That said, one could categorize some individual violence as politically motivated, so there is that. But again, it’s not a movement.

…white/christians have all the power. They’ve got all the money. They control all the businesses. They run the government. The Trump administration is as white as white could be. So why aren’t white people rising up and rioting in the streets? Because they don’t need too. They can post youtube videos about “cancel culture” and rant about how the need to be woke has ruined comedy. White people have nothing to fear.

Black people have been fighting for their lives since they were bought to America in chains. Colin Kaepernick lost his career because he took a knee. They dropped a bomb and destroyed a suburb. Six men tied to the Ferguson protests are dead either by murder, suicide. The reality is black lives don’t matter. America is a country that was founded on white supremacy. The constitution was drafted by long-dead-white-men. White men have all the power now and they have a vested interest in keeping it that way.

Why don’t you see more violence from black people? Because it would be put down in a heartbeat. They would get slaughtered. Every time they say “Fuck it, we’ll show them they can’t treat us like this and get away with it” white people do something to show them that “yes, we can treat you like this, and we **will **get away with it.” That’s the reality.

At this very moment black people are disproportionately locked up in the industrial prison complex, they are more likely to be killed in interactions with the police. Why don’t they fight back? Because they would be killed, and then they would be blamed and demonised, then white America would try and forget that it ever happened.

It’s because largely, the government is doing their work for them. Why expend the effort in violently attacking minorities when the police and the prison-industrial complex is happy to do it for you?

And that’s also the reason Black people don’t rise up violently. They can run those numbers just fine.

ETA: or what** Banquet Bear **said.

Mainly, IMO, because of Freedom of Speech; you take that away and then you’ll see, paraphrasing Clausewitz, the continuation of public discourse by other means.

Despite the rhetoric, most people’s lives are better than they were 5 years ago. There is more opportunity for everybody. The employment rate is great, they’re looking for help everywhere. The delusion/paranoia factor is mostly the far lefts warped view of who white christians really are. The leftists that scream the loudest are dismissed as childlike and not taken too seriously. It’s all part of the freedom of speech.

Juicy Smollet wouldn’t have pulled his stunt unless he thought the scenario could be reality. White on black crime is the smallest statistical category. The conspiracies cooked up by the leftist leaders have led them into a delusional nightmare, and the right just shrug and carry on.

It swings both ways. You’d be better off saying the conspiracies cooked up by the fringe left and right make them look paranoid and delusional, and the majority middle moderates just shrug and carry on.

I just assumed American political violence was just being overshadowed by the much larger amount of American regular violence.

Can’t we count church and clinic bombings; school and theatre shootings; assaults on queers, refugees, and other ‘outsiders’; or massive death threats? Aren’t these political violence? I note that 1) too many US cops are white supremacists and 2) most recent cop killings are committed by white supremacists. That’s a suicidal attitude. See (from 2018) White and far-right extremists kill more cops, but FBI tracks black extremists more closely, many worry.

Much American political violence seems unreported as such. Oh, it’s just another atrocity. Nothing to see here. Move along.

I don’t know why the assumption seems to be that the right is going to go violent. The right has it pretty good right now. If the fear is ooga booga minorities taking over, they can rest assured almost all branches of government besides maybe the house are on top of mitigating that “problem”.

Is the assumption the left are all peaceniks that won’t go violent if things are going bad for them? That seems like a silly assumption.

Between the asshole that shot up the Congressional baseball practice, the nut that killed all those cops in Texas, and the loon that tried to firebomb an ICE facility in the pacific northwest, everyone ought to understand that the Left has its share of violent pieces of shit.

My guess is that on the whole, the American populace still believes in the system. We feel that voting and peaceful transfers of power are the way to go in general. And this is reinforced by 240-ish years of peaceful transfers of power and the associated stability and prosperity that it has provided us.

Combine that with a mostly strong belief in rule-of-law and a mostly efficient law enforcement and criminal justice system, and it deters all but the most loony outliers from doing violent stuff for political aims. I mean, if your goal is to incite the population, you’re fighting an uphill battle if you have to convince people that armed revolt is the way to go in the face of 240+ years of peaceful politics, ongoing prosperity (in general), and an almost total certainty that you’re going to get caught and chucked in jail for your efforts.

Pretty much this. The radical fringes who think all sorts of crazy crap (some of which has been posted in this thread) are just that…on the fringe. And there are, thankfully, not that many of them. Certainly not enough to have more political violence than we already do. Mainly, the strife we DO have comes from those fringe elements on either side. And, at a guess, that’s how it will continue to be.

Simple answer is because it’s not bad enough.