How common is a clearly visible wrist pulse?

I came over from a linked thread to say that I have a clearly visible wrist pulse, but then I noticed that I was the OP for this thread.

Nine years later, my pulse is still clearly visible in both wrists.

I have a very bad time with IVs and blood draws. I used to try to give blood regularly, but always had problems, and was eventually told that it was too difficult and not worth it for me to continue. Fortunately, I haven’t had to have too many IVs, but the ones I’ve had have ended up having to be removed and replaced multiple times.

BMI of around 25. I can see my pulse in both wrists. I’ve got really small wrists though.

Not varicose veins, thankfully - didn’t even know you could get them on your arms. I’m just really pale, with thin skin. But thanks for the info, I’d always wondered (especially when they’re taking it every 2 yours). :slight_smile: So by now I’m used to it and always wondered why they went for the “hidden” ones.

I’m not sure if “varicose” is quite the right word, but…poofy and kinda stretched out, so the walls are weaker, and yes, it can happen in the arms, especially in people with high blood pressure.