How common is it for black off-duty officers to get shot by police in the US?

Are there stats which would compare that demographic to the black US population as a whole? By gender/age/region?

How common is it for them to be stopped or searched?

The results could be interpreted a few ways but I’m curious to know.

I ran a search and in the first few pages, exactly one, in NJ, in 2017.

He was only slightly injured.

ETA: How about compared to white off-duty officers or white non-police?

Here’s one that happened here in RI some years back:

It’s not directly on point, since it’s limited to fatal shootings. But this study looked at fatal police-on-police shootings between 1981 and 2009.

They identified 26 examples. Of that, 10 were black, 14 were white and 2 were hispanic. The appendix breaks down plainclothes vs. undercover vs. off-duty. Of the 10 black officers killed 8 of them were “off-duty”. Only 1 white “off-duty” cop was killed, the others were undercover or plainclothes (with 1 in uniform).

The study spanned roughly 30 years. The latter of the study period skews heavily towards black officers being killed (8 of 14 black, 2 Hispanic between 1995-2009).

Not sure, but they do occasionally shoot themselves.

Here is a case somewhat relevant:

One has the feeling that if officer Colson had been white he wouldn’t have been killed.

Link fixed.

While your statement is right, you have to consider the situation in context. If you were told that there were black suspects shooting at officers, and then you looked in the parking lot and saw a black man who is not in police uniform, crouched behind a car with his gun drawn, that is a suspicious situation.

And if it had been white suspects shooting at officers, it is doubtful their race would have been mentioned.

I Googled standard physical description of a suspect.

First result:

Second result:

I Googled “how to form an accurate physical description of a suspect.”

First result:

Second result:

(This is pulled from a form, race is the second attribute listed after sex.)

I assure you, race would have been mentioned in a physical description of the suspect.

A factor that can eliminate 50% of the population is worth mentioning; one that eliminates 85% of the random population probably needs mentioning too. Depending on how age is specified, that could likely eliminate 50% of the population or better… Put it all together, and you’ve got a much smaller group to shoot at.

Just as for white suspects, hair colour can narrow down the suspect pool to what, about 40% of random passers-by?

s Falchion’s post mentioned, it’s much more common (or less rare) for black officers to be shot by another police officer while on-duty. Often while working undercover and have moved to a location where the local on-duty officers don’t know that they are in the neighborhood.

Unless I’m misreading the study, it’s exactly the opposite. Almost all of the black officers were shot while off-duty. The undercover or plainclothes officers that were shot tended to be white.

My question was badly formulated. I should have included undercover and plainclothes officers. I want to know how likely black police officers are to get shot/searched/stopped when other police officers don’t know they’re police.