How common is it to have your crossed legs twitch in because of your pulse?

Inspired by this thread on visible wrist pulses, (I have no visible wrist pulse, FTR) something I’ve always been aware of is my top leg jumping slightly when I sit with my legs crossed. How common is this? My leg twitch is large enough that my foot moves about half a centimetre, I would estimate. Does this happen to most people?

Without having tested it on most people I can’t say, but I’ve seen it mentioned as an experiment with no caveat that “This works for only a few people, and you’re not dead if it doesn’t.”

Heh. That’s good to know, I suppose. Can you recall what the experiment was about, by any chance?

Don’t know how common it is, but it happens to me.

I have also noticed a recliner rocking slightly with my heartbeat when I am fully laid back and otherwise still.

This happens to me as well.

I have noticed, however, that fairly often (~65%) I now get a pain behind the knee after sitting crossed for a while. I worry I’m pinching the vein and am going to cause a blood clot or varicose vein or something. :confused:

Probably almost normal. Note that a piece of evidence that Abe Lincoln had Marfan’s syndrome is the twitching of his leg in some famous photo, postulated to be caused by aortic regurg. So also maybe Marfan’s Syndrome.

I have it and I’m 5’0", clearly not Marfan :smiley:

Not to thwart the conversation, but after working out, I can often see my skin ripple across. Typically I can be sitting and simply watch the skin on my leg ripple across and sometimes throb. I always assumed that this is simply electric activity in the muscle. It looks bloody strange that is for sure and freaks my wife out.

True enough, but remember that Lincoln had a number of characteristics suggestive of Marfan’s, not just his pendulum-leg: from my post in this old thread:

Just a “visualize your pulse” or “this is a movement of your body there’s no way to control” activity.

That sounds freakily fascinating! I’m tempted to ask if you’ve ever found a video of this (not necessarily yourself, of course) online, and if you have, do you mind linking to it? I, for one, would be interested to see this in action.

This is incredibly weak evidence for a disease that only affects about 1 in 5,000.

Actually, this has happened only a few times, but should it occur again, I will get video. When it occurs, it doesn’t happen like a single muscle rippling, but rather like lightning will spread across the sky. Definitely weird.

Great! Now I am a medical curiosity!

Sometimes my heart will pound to the extent that my wife can feel it. This occurs at weird times, but when it does happen, it is not in concert with high pulse or anything like that; it is just, sometimes you can see it.

I should say that I am a pretty good cyclist and thus, I have very large legs and the upper body of a 12 year old girl.