How confident are you this alleged bestialist is guilty?

Take a read of the story here:

I am personally very sceptical that this guy is a bestiality-ist (what is the word for that?)

I would say it’s far more likely his ex wife tried, and succeeded, in setting him up. Him having the Dog’s DNA on his penis doesn’t necessarily mean anything. When I was younger I slept with my dog in my bed and while my penis never touched it, I would expect that some trace quantity of its DNA could have ended up there.

Please ignore the jury verdict here (except for the last two options in the poll) and just go on the information you can find in that news article or other research you do on the internet, or even personal knowledge. IE use pretty much anything APART from the jury verdict to form your conclusion.

Knowledgeable input is very welcome!

I would say there’s not enough evidence in the linked article to decide anything. Why does the OP think any different?

I don’t know, but I would have to be pretty damned drunk to have sex with a dog that ugly.

That dog looks sad and traumatized to me.

Or any dog, really.

Not even a cute little poodle? Speciesist!

In the case of rape, do dogs have the right to abortions in the UK?

I’m basically asking you to use your knowledge of how people behave. Of course you are fine to do other research into the facts of the case; I am reading between the lines here.

While I still think there’s not enough evidence available in the OP to decide anything, there are some more stories that IMO tend to support the ex-wife.

  1. They’ve been divorced (apparently amicably) for 10 years. This didn’t happen in the middle of some ongoing divorce dispute.

  2. He ended up going to his ex’s home after a fight with his girlfriend, and showed up at the house at 2 am. This indicates to me that this was no casual visit, and he wanted something more than to say hello.

  3. He said he was going to sleep on the couch. But he ended up sleeping in her bedroom after they watched some tv, and she went downstairs to sleep on the couch. IMO this supports he claim that he was drunk. Also she said she refused sex with him, and he says he refused sex with her. IMO the former was a lot more likely given the circumstances.

  4. He said at one point she saw him “climbing over the dog”, which suggests he thought she might have misinterpreted what she saw. But he claims she made everything up, and doesn’t even credit her with having made a mistake instead.

  5. How exactly does she “set him up” and get dog DNA on his penis? They both agree that they didn’t have sex with each other. So she must be the luckiest person on Earth to claim her ex raped her dog when he just coincidentally had dog DNA on his penis. I think that is WAY too big a coincidence.

Jeebus, I’m now wondering why I’ve spent so much time wondering about fucking a dog. I’m getting a little worried about myself.

Actually, Boyo Jim, I have to say I find your analysis extremely persuasive. I still couldn’t convict beyond reasonable doubt but you have certainly made me think that it’s fairly likely something was up here.

Among other things, people do dumb shit they would not normally do when they are drunk. He may have been so trashed that he did screw the pooch, or the DNA could have gotten there from snuggling. Mastiffs are seriously drooly dogs, perhaps some saliva transferred because the dog got in a good nad sniff on the guy. I simply don’t know, and I neither heard nor saw any evidence or testimony.

In the case of legitimate rape a dog’s reproductive system shuts down and no puppies can result. Pregnancy would be a clear indication the dog wanted and maybe even initiated the act.

Thank you. Ignorance fought!

What if the little bitch was tempting you by always walking around the house naked? There’s only so much a man can take.

Maybe the dog was more attractive than the wife.

I don’t get why she felt the need to investigate why he was calling the dog to the bedroom (if that happened like she said of course).
I had a friend who liked to fall asleep cuddling my dog, It never crossed my mind that it could be for nefarious purpose that she would call for my dog to come at night.

Well, my dog will happily lick the couch, your feet, or any flies he catches. (No, really.) I have no doubt he would gladly lick your penis, if given the chance.

On the other hand, the scrolldown picture of the dog in that article is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS and I am sending it to my fiance the journalist to show him how this shit is done.

Can anyone doubt that guy’s guilt when looking into the eyes of that dog? :wink:

That’s not even the actual dog! They all just look like that!

Well, it’s obviously a rape victim too!