How could a single man damage a military base the most?

Let’s say that you’re a saboteur on an enemy territory or maybe someone invaded your country,etc. and for whatever reason you have to inflict as much damage to a large military base (not airbase) as possible.

You can eliminate enemy soldiers, destroy stuff with explosions, destroy electricity supply,etc, anything that counts as damage. But…you have to survive and preferably escape, so suicide vehicles don’t count.

To make it more easy to answer, what would be the biggest damage you could inflict in each of the three scenarios:

  1. Damage the base from the inside where you are undercover, like a civilian employee or something, so that you can freely move around (almost) everywhere.

  2. Damage the base from the inside, but without getting seen entering the base (which is almost impossible, but let’s assume that you’ve done it), in this scenario you can only move to certain locations, since you’d get shot or arrested if someone saw you and…mission failed

  3. Damage the base from the outside, drones, snipers, power lines (although there’s probably back up generators), be creative.

Planning something?

How original.

Depressingly a suitcase nuke with timer.

Ask some generals for a plan.

Well, I’ve got an alibi. I’m married.

How bad a question. You really think it’s a good idea to discuss how to attack a military base on a public message board?

Have indiscreet affairs with the wives of all the men.

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