How could Battlestar Galactica end badly?

I’ll see your Wesley, and raise you a Lt. Barclay…

The last time they screwed up a series with a holo deck they used Will Riker.
^ :dubious: ^

but Riker isn’t exactly a minor character is he?

okay, back on subject…

we have our intrepid crew pinned down by Mechanical weapons fire, when suddenly, you hear the sound of motors spinning down, and the clatter of metal collapsing, we see the Centurions have simply stopped, powered off…

we hear drums pounding and a small pink bunny with a bass drum rolls onscreen, spins and waves it’s drumsticks in the air, then continues offscreen, we hear a voiceover
“Still going…nothing outlasts Energizer, they keep going, and going, and going…”
fade to black

Stands With A Fist wakes up in her teepee with Kevin Costner and tells him about a weird dream she had.

Sorry, what with Wesley and all I was thinking I.Q., not income.

Better yet, we find out that Stands With a Fist is the current re-generation of the First Lady…

Uwe Boll takes the series over and… well actually if that happened nobody would be watching the series, as every BSG fan worldwide would suffer a massive brain hemmorhage and die.

We go back to the replicator ship and discover that the rows and rows of “human” bodies are in fact batteries for the metal Cylons, and New Caprica is really part of the Matrix.

The Cylon God is revealed to be Crow T. Robot.

Man, that’s just mean.


They go back 300 years or so, and show you how the colonies first developed the cylons, and endlessly drop all sorts of really subtle hints about things to come. And change to a theme song with lyrics.

Aw, it won’t matter anyway. The series will never truly end. All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again, remember?

Bob Hartley wakes up in Chicago, turns to Emily, and says: “You’ll never believe the dream I just had.”

For bonus points, Emily will roll over in bed, and reveal herself to have a Cylon Head.

No, no, no.
She will roll over in bed and her spine will begin to glow, throbbing and red.
Bob will begin to scream…

Adama really died when he got shot. Boomer really married Tyrol and Cally really married Helo. Starbuck was really gay.

Helo, Boomer, Cheif,and Starbuck went to the brig for not stopping a crime. Instead they just sat there and laughed while they videotapped the whole thing. Then they bring in every former character and testify against the individuals and provide a compendium of evidence pointing out that they have bad character. They subsiquently go to jail for a year and are never heard from again…

Now that I’ve typed that… I hate you Jerry Seinfield, you ruined your own show

Battlestar Galactica takes place in the Lexx universe???

and one of the unrevealed Toasters can be Xev/Zev, please? :wink:

actually, the worst ending in the Lexxiverse for BSG would be us finding out that “The One Cylon God” is 790, the Kai-fixated 790…

yes, “God” would be an Insane Homosexual Necropheliac Robot Head (Band name!!)

For some reason I just visualized a bunch of Cylons hooting excitedly standing before a Cray supercomputer, sort of ala 2001.

Better yet: Edward James Olmos wakes up, and someone says “Justice Mendoza, President Santos is calling.”