How could Battlestar Galactica end badly?

When Space Above and Beyond was canceled, the writers killed off or injured everyone.
Deep Space Nine seemed to end with putting nearly all the characters into a situation where they couldn’t be in a Trek movie.

What kind of horrible ending could BG have if it is canceled and Moore is hacked off?

  1. The humans turn out to be Cylons.
  2. Apollo is playing on the other team.
  3. Opal is a Cylon
  4. Apollo and Starbuck are the only survivors and settle a prehistoric Earth. Their offspring become the human race. (I saw this on a really strange Twilight Zone.)
  5. The Cylon/Human child becomes deaf and blind, writes a Rock Opera.
  6. The Cylon/Human child founds a cancer institute and brings peace.
  7. The humans find Earth, begin building robot dogs and flying motorcycles.
  8. Starbuck is playing on the other team. Wait, I have to think about this one…

The Humans reach earth, only to find Apes the dominant species…

•“It was all a dream!” (aka “Starbuck wakes up on Caprica, and Zak Adama’s in the shower. ‘Good morning!’”)
•Crossover. (Some might be good, some might be good only on paper, and some might involve Vin Diesel.)
•Time travel. Bonus, if the time travel ends up causing history to repeat itself from the beggining.
•Xena-style glurgy “spiritual revolution” story arc.
•“Executive Producers: Ian Maxtone-Graham and Brannon Braga. Directed by Hideaki Anno.”
•“Special Guest Stars: The Harlem Globetrotters!”

You did it, you FINALLY did it, you blew it all up, Damn you all to HELL!!

ahem excuse me…

the entire events seen up to this point turn out to be the fever dream of Boxey, he wakes up on Caprica with his mommy, daddy and rest of the family living happily ever after, there were no Cylons, it was all the fever dream of an ill child

Dear gods, what have I done?

The final shot is of Galactica, in a snow globe.

The new Cylon model is Ted McGinley.

Adama sacrifices himself and the Galactica to save humanity. The series is picked up by The CW, and Roslin has to perform a “sacred Geminid ritual” to bring him back.

The series finale just recaps everything that happened previously on the show, then ends without resolving a single goddamned thing.

They never get off the planet, no matter how many coconut radios Tyrol makes to try to contact the rescuers, or how many times they fail to patch the big hole in the side of the battlestar, or no matter how many guest stars appear and somehow get rescued. They just have to keep rebuilding their bamboo huts on New Caprica every time a galactic typhoon blows through, while wearing the same clothes they brought on their three-hour tour.

A scrawl across the screen just before the credits roll saying: The Capricans never made it to Earth.

Or worse, a sequel series where they do.

The fleet finds Earth, and they all settle down. [Card: 5,000 years later] In what appears to be our time, archaeologists make an amazing find: the hull of a gargantuan starship.

The fleet gets back together, and the Cylons show up with a few dozen basestars. The battlestars are vastly overmatched, and Adama and Apollo evacuate their battlestars and make a courageous last stand. Then everyone dies.

The cylons say “screw it” and leave New Caprica without any explanation. Everybody just settles down on New Caprica. End of series.

Or that the ‘B’ Ark beat them to it. Though they would have sanitary phones. . . .

Baltar converts to the cylon religion and acquires a band of zealot followers. They take over Galactica, and cross the barrier at the edge of the galaxy. Once there, they encounter the face of God on some planet. God asks to take the Galactica back to the galaxy to spread his word. At this point, Adama asks what God would need with a battlestar. Much fighting ensues. It ends with our heros sitting around a camp fire singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

You know, I kinda LIKE that one…

Basicly any version of “the Cylons did NOT have plan”; the writers are making it up as they go along. After three or four seasons of increasingly convoluted and pointless plot threads and infathomable character revisions, the whole thing collapses into a black hole from it’s own weight.

Olmos dies, quits or is fired, and the painfully contrived last season of the show has to struggle on without Bill Adama.

In the final minute of the final episode, some minor character looks around, says “Holodeck, end program”. Everything and everyone else vanishes, and he/she walks out onto the Enterprise.

Let me guess…Robert Patrick as the new Admiral of Galactica? (hint, hint)

I’m pretty sure it’s how the computer game Homeworld begins.\

Some other theories:

It all turns out to be a fever-induced dream of Lieutenant Archie Kennedy just before his death. If you’re really skillful, you can work this in with a Dr. Who crossover featuring the 8th Doctor.

Crossover with Stargate: Galactica finds some means of transporting the whole fleet into another galaxy, and they show up over Earth, greeted by the USAFS Oddessy. They have enough time to comment on the similarity in starship design before the Cylons, Ori, Replicators, and Wraith all show up with their entire fleets. All at once.

A Cylon clone of Adama shows up, and Starbuck has to choose which one to shoot… TO BE CONTINUED (and cancelled)

Actually, a semi-serious idea, they find Earth, realize it’s not up to the task of defending itself from the rather large Cylon fleet that Galactica led straight to them. Battle ensues, and most of the cast is killed. Series ends with the battered and burning Galactica standing defiantly in orbit over Earth facing off against a fleet of Cylon Basestars.

They could go the route of G:1980, and have an episode named something like “THE RETURN OF ATHENA”, with some story about a character from a previous series not featured in the current one (the original of this type, of course, was “The Return of Starbuck”, the only worthwhile episode of G:1980)

Or, possibly worse of all: The show just ends, abruptly, with no indication that it’s the last episode. Possibly mid-season.

The Cylon/Human child has magic powers and is able to absorb the energy from a Base Star’s self destruct mechanism before it vaporizes the human colony in a thermonuclear explosion.

by “some minor character” you mean Wesley Crusher, right?