How could I get to Elephant Island?

When I read “Into Thin Air” by Krakauer, I had an urge to go to Base Camp at the bottom of Everest. Mind you, I had no intention of climbing any higher than that, but, I kinda wanted to go. I never made it.

Now I’ve read about Shackleton and the ill-fated journey of the Endurance. Quick summary: he led an expedition that was going to be the first to cross Antarctica but his ship, the Endurance, got stuck in the ice floes and was crushed. When it sank, they lived on the ice floes for about 7 months before taking 3 life boats and amazingly landing on Elephant Island. Shackleton then defied the odds again, sailing a 23 foot boat 800 miles to South Georgia. Again defying the odds, he and two others hiked through impassable glacier terrain to make it to a whaling camp and rescue.

Anyway, Nova recently did a special on this and there are some great books out there. The photos that were taken are amazing. So, if an average guy wanted to be one of the very few living souls to see these places, how would he do it? :confused:

You know, Everest and the North pole are just so passe these days…:rolleyes:

Apparently there are cruises – try this link:

So it looks like you can get there, but unfortunately you won’t be “one of the very few living souls” to visit.

Pluto, thanks. I didn’t even search for “cruises”!

So much for my original idea!

Of course, at the prices listed I still just might be one of the very few living souls to visit!! Prices starting from $10,000! It would only cost me $7,500 to go to the North pole and I might even see Santa! Maybe it’s time to change my plans.