How could I set up my own message board on the web?

I’m looking to set up a message board for a fantasy baseball league that I am running. I will only need it for about a month (until the Yahoo fantasy baseball site is up). Is there anywhere I can go and set up a free message board to conduct this draft? If so, how would I go about creating one?


You might try Yahoo (formerly eGroups). They let you set up a free discussion group.


I like

As well as ezboard, the major portals like Yahoo (using egroups), Excite and so on all run their own club systems. InsideTheWeb is another major message board company.

Its better to do your own with a CGI script from

Otherwise youre going to have a ton of ads on your board.

There appear to be so many places that the question really becomes, “Which is best?”

So I’ll move this thread to IMHO.

You can also get a free version of UBB, which this board runs on.

the WWW Board is ok, but you need to muck around in PERL a little bit. I;m sure every BB will make you do that though. I didn’t have any problems setting it up.

I run into that BB script all over the web, too.

WWW Board? I used it for a long time. Eventually I went to UBB free trial. Mostly because with WWW Board, people could open four or more REPLY windows & hit all at almost the same time. The result was it would make a salad of your HTML board. Because WWW Board couldn’t handle multiple REPLY requests. Someone told me about this once & I have to agree because I got a salad (for lack of a better word)made of my WWW Board many times.

This board runs on vBulletin, not UBB

There’s also Ikonboard, which is free.

And handy, that’s probably the demo version of UBB you’re referring to. It’s not really a free version.

Given the number of registered users, posts, and views it limits you to, and the features it doesn’t have, I don’t think anyone could be satisfied with it.

More info here:

I’ve had good luck so far with on my own Watership Down website. Rather customizable and professional looking and fits in well with the rest of my site. They also offer other things you may never ever want to use such as email services, etc.