How could Rickettsia Africae to kill a young healthy person?

A 19 year old friend (living in France, who had spent time in Africa) passed away some time ago and I recently was told that the reason for her relatively-sudden death was something called “rickettsia africae”. Now according to this website, “The Florida Health Department noted that complications are rare, and no ATBF deaths have ever been reported.”

In my friend’s case, she apparently carried the disease for 2 years (despite having received one proper course of treatment as well as many incorrect treatments) , with many relapses, and one dose wasn’t enough. So after a flu, when her resistance got down, she relapsed again and was dead within a week.

Is this really as unusual as the Florida Health Department quote suggests? Can her death be explained?

It may be as simple as “different people are different”. She might have been more susceptible to the effects of ATBF than most, she may have had an undiagnosed immune disorder, or she simply didn’t share knowledge of one with you,

You’ve probably thought of this already, but I’ll say it regardless - just because she carried it, or was infected by it, doesn’t mean she died from it.