How could she possibly know?

My cat, I mean.

I was about to open a can of tuna for my lunch yesterday. I hadn’t actually opened it. And I don’t have an electric can opener, I use one of those clamp-on-the-can-and-twist openers.

And she suddenly appeared in the kitchen, making “mrrowp?” noises.

The can wasn’t even open yet!

Lending more proof to my theory that cats are, in fact, the Illuminati.

They have radar ears. She heard you thinking.

This is why I hate cats. If they can know that, what else do they know?

My wag would be that it was a calculated guess. She probably took in to the fact the last time you ate and now your in the kitchen already… which could only mean you must be in there for her. Or maybe she saw what cabnet you were going for knowing thats where you keep the goods.

My moms cat stays mostly in my mothers room untill about 10:00 like clockwork if my mom hasn’t made it to bed yet, she’ll come out there and start in with the crybaby act untill she comes to bed.

Same thing happened with Cookie Monster yesterday. I normally feed her from a purple sachet, but I bought a different brand yesterday - this sachet is green and white. She was asleep on a chair in the kitchen, and I only touched the sachet, and started making high-pitched, desperate mews until I fed her.

I think it’s in the ears.

While I’m being a sap about my kitty… we haven’t got a cat-flap, so we can only let her out of the house when we’re in. We put a collar on her whenever she goes outside, that has a bell on it. One day I observed her going to the box where we keep the collar, knocking it onto the floor so that the bell rang, then running to the door, expecting it to open for her. Another time our neighbour’s dog (whom she loves) was outside our door trying to get in. Cookie jumped up and started whacking the keys in the door - presumably trying to let the dog in.

Sorry, she started making high-pitched, desperate mews. Not me. Glad we got that cleared up.

Do you keep the tuna in a cupboard or something? She probably heard the door open. Or she heard you rattle some silverware getting the can opener. Cats are smart, they remember certain sounds.

I remember at my old apartment we kept their favourite toy in the hall closet, along with linens and stuff. They would come running everytime they heard that door open. It got to the point they would start coming as soon as they heard the lightswitch in the hall.

I bet it was the sound of the can opener “clamping” on the can. They do remember sounds.

Yesterday my wife brought home two big bags of canned catfood, along with other groceries (Yeah, I know it was Mother’s Day – but this was a Mother’s Day gift – I had to stay home with MilliCal). The cats instantly gathered around her. No cans were opened. There was no sound of a can opener on metal – these can’s don’t even use openers – they’ve got pull-tabs.

All three cats. How did they know?

Yep, my cat remembers sounds the best. He knows the sound that the manual can opener makes when I take it out of the drawer, and comes running. He can tell the difference between me grabbing the can opener, and me grabbing the corkscrew, for example.

On a related note, he’s one of those cats that loves to play with the laser light toy, and our laser light happens to be a key chain that is attached to one set of Mr. Del’s keys. The cat can tell the difference from another room between a person picking up the laser light key ring and a person picking up any old key ring that isn’t of interest to the cat.

Like Francesca said, she read your thoughts. Cats are tricky like that.

Honestly, it could all depend on where you got it as well. Although not as sly as your cat, the second any cabinet door opens, my dog’s there waiting for the goods to be delivered. Even if he’s outside in the back yard and I do my stealthiest, sneakiest, spy like quiet turn of the handle, quick motion pull, slow-mo food grab, he’s jumping up at the door before I’m halfway there. Animals, they’re ruled by their stomachs, and the belly is a powerful thing.

Well, I’ll accept part of the theory that Fido recognized the sound of the can opener.

But the tuna is kept on doorless shelves in the cellar stairwell along with cans of soup, tomato sauce, boxes of macaroni and cheese and microwave popcorn. So that doesn’t wash.

And the can opener is kept in the silverware drawer, so the sound of the drawer opening is commonplace. And we use the same can opener for every can in the house. And I hadn’t released the aroma of tuna yet.

Maybe…just maybe she heard a distinctive sound in the can opener and decided to take a chance, but I was being relatively quiet about it.

Besides, it was spooky the way she just appeared. One second she wasn’t there, the next – “mrrowp?”

OMG My cat does this too! Only mine just has the chain… no keys. The cat can be asleep. I will VERY gently lift up the laser VERY slowly and he will spring up looking for the little red dot… keep in mind neither myself nor my SO can hear a THING.

Obviously, she can read. She knew you were getting something to eat, and stealthily peeked her head around the corner and read the label on the can. Tomato soup? Back to the nap. Tuna? Then you get the “Mrrowp?”, which of course means, “Are you going to share?”

delphica and gophergod72, my kitten as well, no keys on the key chain. only malenka the miraculous plays with the laser light. even if you just move the laser light to get something behind it…poof, kitty appears… searching…

Your cat simply hit the “feed me” button on the remote that comes with you humans. Oh, I don’t think I was supossed to post that. Whoops. Silly me. Scratch that. Scratch that, Hahaha, cat humor!!! Oh well, be a dear and get me a fresh tuna this time and quit moving me off the keyboard.

Generally just going into the kitchen is enough to get one or more of our cats to assume that it’s feeding time. When it is feeding time the whole menagerie takes turns trying to trip me while I’m picking up their bowls, filling them, and trying to put them down on the floor (as opposed to on top of one of the cats).

The two kittens have discovered the Joy of Cheese; what I can’t figure out is how they know the difference between cheese and other snacks before I’ve opened the package.

This makes it sound like you have an option about giving your cat some tuna when you have some. The only question implied in “Mrrowp?” is “Why are you taking so long to get that tuna over to me, inferior human?”

featherlou is 100% kee-rect.

There is no option. Even were she outside on the porch, I would be compelled to put some tuna in Fido’s dish.

My cat will come yelling for food if I approach the kitchen, even if he was fed five minutes earlier.

And he has this strange ability to know just when I have to pee, because he invariably picks that moment to curl up on my lap and start purring.