How dangerous are magnetic items near an MRI magnet? - Interesting video!

How dangerous are magnetic items near an MRI magnet?

The answer is “pretty ****ing dangerous!”

Can’t get the video to play

When trying to make it play, a notice appeared saying the video is unavailable.

Works fine on my cell phone (USA). The vid is anticlimactic, but sure, no metal near the MRI, got it.


What gets me is all those medical shows where they leave metal around while a patient is being “scanned” in an MRI. (Many shows use actual machines, presumably no longer functional. So it’s easy to verify that it’s an MRI or CT (or combo) machine. Although they frequently call them by the wrong term.)

E.g., those metal posts that hold up IV bags (and presumably the needle in the patient). Metal clasp clipboards. Etc.

What part of “magnetic” don’t they understand?

Of MRI hazard videos I’ve seen, this one’s a bit of a yawner.

I’m a bit surprised a magnet that’s ten years old is at the end of its useful life and ready to be scrapped. Regardless, it probably didn’t deserve to be abused by what sounded like a couple of frat boys.

To be fair, the metal needle is only used to make the initial puncture. The catheter that stays in your vein is a floppy plastic-like thing that I’m pretty sure isn’t magnetic. The needle makes the puncture, the catheter is slipped past it and into the vein, then the needle is withdrawn.

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