How dangerous is an infant Chimpanzee?

In the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes the guy brings home a newborn Chimp.

I know the big ones are DEADLY MAD CRAZY strong and will kill you with a punch.

But how dangerous would a newborn – could he poke you in the eye? HOw about an infant, how soon before they move from ‘furbaby’ to 'dangerous wild animal"?

It’s a continuum, not a clearly marked time post.

Up until age 2 or 3 they would probably be fine. After that, it would become increasingly difficult. The real problem is going to be if you have a male that starts to mature and tries to assert his dominance. This is going to really stat to manifest itself sometime around the 8th year, getting more serious as each year passes.

I find it hard to believe a newborn mammal of any kind is dangerous to humans, unless it’s infected with a hazardous transmissible agent, or if you define “danger” as “better get away from this newborn before Mama with the fangs and claws discovers you”.