How dangerous is it to be an aircraft maintenance technician in Singapore and Malaysia?

I heard that they could be literally hanged if found responsbile for air crash.

From where? Can you cite a source? Or is it a rumor?

Considering you could get flogged (which leaves permanent scars) for graffiti in Singapore, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true.

What does that have to do with airplanes?

It demonstrates the point that these states often punish people too severely.

In my day, we always provided a link so we could study the information, and then expound on the answer in a thoughtful manner.

But this was a long time ago. Yesterday, I think.

Also, what’s the question?

Very dangerous, from all the information you’ve given, which is all that you had, so … what are you asking, again?

Did you mean to ask, is the body of your question true? 'Cause you can Google for the laws, maybe it came up recently in the news? Or is attached to Wikipedia’s article on a Singapore or Malaysia plane crash.

But the title … doesn’t that answer the question for you?

Foreigners sure are weird, and kind of savage. I’m sure that anything anybody ever said about them is true. I’d be terrified to walk down the street anywhere outside my home country, there could be some crazy Oriental law that could land me in the pokey. Or worse.

Criminal negligence is not a capital crime in Singapore or Malaysia.