HOw DANGEROUS Is Liposuction?

Watching that “Swan” serieson FOX made me wonder-it seems like liposuction is a very common procedure these days. However, seeing the surgeon shoving that aspiration needle into women’s hips, asses, and tummys makes me scared…is this procedure really safe?
What sort of complications can you have when a plastic surgeon suctions out 25-30 lbs. of fat cells from beneath your skin?
And, what do they do with the fat?

I think it’s pretty dangerous, for an intervention that does not involve messing around with an organ…In the back of my mind is a mortality outcoje over 1%, but ask google.
If it were merely a matter of vanity, probalby the risks outweigh the rewards.

however, considereng last week’s news that fat cells are “toxic” in and of themselvers, I say suck it out if there’s no alternative…

Seems like there’s a scene in the book, Microserfs* that had something to do with someone (or a house cat or something) going through a dumpster behind the lipo clinic an doing something really awful with the human fat… like making soap and selling it to the farmer’s market…


I’ll be right back. I just had a great idea!

soap is so, well, last century.
One word:


Thinking of this movie/book?