How did a guest close a thread?

There is a thread in MPSIMS where each Doper was posting one line from the song [thread=530640]Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone[/thread]. I thought it was clever and funny, but it was closed. The thread was taking that lonesome train to copyright violation, so getting locked was not a surprise.

What surprised me was that the Doper who closed the thread was “shantih” who is labeled as a “Guest”. Shantih is not listed as a moderator in any of the forums. Can guests close threads??

The most likely answer is that a mod just closed the thread without comment.

Shantih didn’t close the thread. He/she merely posted the last response before a mod locked it. There just hasn’t been a closing announcement made in the thread.

Or what Kal said.

Marley23 closed the thread, but did not provide a closing statement.

That does not fit with the final [post=11518862]post[/post] in the thread. It looks like shantih closed the thread, and meant to close the thread. Nothing against shantih, but if guests can close threads, what’s to stop anyone from closing threads wantonly?

There’s nothing in that post that states they closed the thread. Closing threads and posting are two independant actions.

I closed the thread. I didn’t think any comment was needed but I’ll add something.

Thanks for the info! I was confused, but ignorance fought!

OK, since this question has been answered, I’ll just go ahead and close the thread now.

Make sure you add a witty statement first.


We have not been fighting confusion since 1973, however.

Confusion: A state of being unable to think with clarity or act with intelligence or understanding.

Ignorance: A lack of knowledge or education.

As I have suggested many times, there should be a rule that when a thread is closed, there always is a post explaining why. What’s obvious to some, is not always obvious to all.