How did Michael Jackson get addicted to propofol?

Did it ever come out during the trial of Conrad Murray exactly how MJ came to this bizarre drug of choice?

I recall seeing an interview with a doctor MJ approached before finding Murray, he asked her for the propofol and she said she was floored in shock(she said that she expected a request for a more conventional drug of abuse like morphine.)

So obviously Jackson was already addicted before he found Murray who was willing to indulge, it is a pretty bizarre drug habit.

Even to the extent at the time of his death propofol was uncontrolled, they mentioned Murray buying it at some medical supply without a prescription.
So it was not known as a drug of abuse.

Propofol is used to put people to sleep for surgery. He had severe insomnia, and when more common sleep agents didn’t work, propofol did. I don’t recall if he discovered this because of a surgical procedure (when propofol actually is indicated) or if some doctor tried “everything” else and resorted to propofol so he could get a good 8 hours shut eye one night (that would be very unusual and dangerous, but hey, that’s why the last doctor was on trial.) But by the end, Jackson was taking it because it was the only way he could sleep.

While it was a totally inappropriate and unsafe drug to be using in that manner, he wasn’t taking it for kicks or to get high. It makes me feel really sorry for him. Insomnia is a bitch, especially years long chronic insomnia. Ever see The Machinist? Pretty scarily accurate. And the weight loss Jackson suffered the last couple of years of his life now makes sense.

Propofol is still uncontrolled. While it’s apparently addictive, it doesn’t cause addiction in the way most of us associate it with alcohol or narcotics. An interesting article from Anesthesiology News. Any state licensed physician can buy it, whether they have a DEA license or not. While there are reports of it giving a brief feeling of euphoria or calm, that feeling is promptly followed by passing out. It doesn’t affect the pleasure centers of the brain like controlled substances, and the passing out part is kind of contraindicated for pleasure - unless, apparently, you’re one in a billion who has the worst insomnia in human history who also has the extraordinary means to get it injected into you on a regular basis. In Jackson’s still bizarre case, it seems it was bliss.

WhyNot, I wonder if you have any ideas on how detrimental this stuff was for Jackson, while he suffered insomnia, I wonder if the propofol ultimately exacerbated his problems - I can’t imagine it allows proper REM cycles. I would think along with the nightly risk of respiratory arrest, the lack of REM might have been driving him off the deep end of rationality as well. The linked article doesn’t really talk about how it affects real sleep for addicts. Maybe it’s so new and with such high mortality rates, it just hasn’t been a factor they’ve been able to study.

(Seeing as I use the stuff in animals rather than people, I’m not as well schooled on the human side. Animals fight the hell out of the stuff and “pop” out of it right quick.)

He was Michael Jackson.

For what it’s worth, I dreamed while under Propo during an endoscopy. If u can only dream in REM sleep, thus, REM sleep is possible with it. My question would be, how did Murray administer it? If he gave it the normal way, thru an i.v. drip, did MJ die simply because Murray didn’t stop the drip in time? From what the anesthesiologist explained to me, soon as he stops the drip, the patient gets easily woken up - why it’s so widely used. Of course, he didn’t step out to call his girlfriend like Murray did (I assume). So did MJ simply o.d. because Murray lost track of time?