How did she know Rove wouldn't be indicted

The Chris Matthews Show runs on Sunday mornings and the episode in question aired 3-4 weeks ago, during the height of all the talk about Rove’s possible indictment.

As many of you are aware, Matthews has a segment towards the end of the show that he calls, “Tell Me Something I don’t Know.”

When one of the guest commentator’s turn came round, she said "We won’t be hearing of any idictment of Karl Rove in the next couple of weeks, and in fact, he won’t be indicted at all."

This isn’t a verbatim quote, necessarily, but that is the essence of what she said. I just asked my wife, and she also remembered the quote as you see above.

Unless he was acting you could tell from his expression that Chris Matthews was actually hearing this for the first time, just as everyone else, and it was indeed something he didn’t know.

I don’t recall the name of the woman, but I’m pretty sure she is a newspaper reporter.

So that’s the question: How did she know?

She guessed.
If she had guessed, wrong no one would have remembered it.


Not quite as declarative as you might have remembered.

Hell, I’m pretty much a nobody and I could have told you the same thing.

I would also assume Kathleen Parker would never be a betting man.


Sometimes you’re so smug.

I didn’t get that from his post. Or do you two have a “thing” going?

You’re somewhat right. I do come off that way, even in person. You’d have to know me. I don’t mean it personally. I apologize for the tone.

…and let me amplify what I said above.

Rightly or wrongly, when I read your post, I immediately thought "hmm? He thinks he heard a reporter? on that show make a statement that they KNEW BY SOME INSIDE MEANS that Rove wouldn’t be indicted. That trips my UL/bullshit meter every time. Again, it has nothing to do with you.

So I go searching for facts. Print cites when I can. I do take it as a challenge. And part of the fun of finding a print cite is to be able to say to myself(and of course the public) “Hey! This is the Straight Dope.”

It may be an ego thing. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. I literally remember being shunned by some of my classmates in sixth grade for answering all the math questions when no one else could. What can I say, I just had a facility for math at that stage of my life. It was almost like a game that I was good at.

Sorry for the hijack.