How did those vacuum coffee maker thingys work?

Did they make good coffee? I saw something on Boing Boing, I think, about them a little bit ago and then last night I was watching Sunset Boulevard and the script writer girl was using one during one of the late night script writing scenes. They look kinda cool, and weird, and was the coffee any good, anyway?

Fantastic. I use one to make my coffee and love it. It makes a very smooth cup! :slight_smile:

How bout a link to one of these or a picture, because I can’t imagine what y’all are talking about?

Vacuum coffee maker

One of those was used on the Mary Tyler Moore Show in the 70s.

What is the advantage? It seems rather complicated for making coffee. What does it do better?

That looks like fun!

The water only passes through the grounds once, which supposedly resulted in better-tasting coffee. Remember, the predominate coffee maker back then was the percolator, which constantly re-circulates the coffee as it is brewed.

They were very common when I lived in Japan - I’ve never used one but they make great coffee.