How did Tommy Flanagan's face get messed up?

Looks like two knife wounds on his face. What’s the story?

His IMDB page says it’s the result of being attacked. It’s called a “Glasgow Grin.”

That’s exactly what it is. A Glasgow Smile.

(Sidenote, even though I don’t know who Flanagan is, I knew that the ‘messed up’ face was going to be a Glasgow Smile.)

Eating pussy?

Gotta make sure they’re declawed first.

I’m not sure, but you do realize I was referring to a particular movie?

Maybe he was defending his wife, Morgan Fairchild.

Who he has seen naked?

How I’m going to get this way eating pussy, meng?

Dude got cut. Dudes get cut. It happens.

Christ, I’m a suburbanite and I know how the world works.

So is this a gangland style curb-stomp or did he just get mugged or something?

Was dude into some shit when he was younger?

His Wiki page says he was mugged.

:smack: The entire wiki page is a paragraph and a half, how could I have missed that!