How did you find SDMB?

I know a lot of people have been here since this was, what I guess was something similar to a Yahoo group at AOL. But what I’m really interested in is how you found this place - whether at AOL or later (however I have included an option for AOL as one answer since I have no idea how that system worked).

I found the site through I was looking for a general discussion site that was reasonably active and had intelligent posters. It’s nice to go to special interest sites if you’re particularly passionate about specific hobbies or issues, but a place that does it all is exceedingly rare. I figured all the smart kids had to be hanging out someplace and I’m very happy to have found at least one of your haunts. Maybe in a couple more months you’ll teach me the secret handshake? Pretty please!!!

I’m a Charter Member but I found it post AOL. Originally I found Cecil’s Straight Dope column at I checked it for a new column everyday. I’m not positive how I got from there to the message boards, but I think that at some point I clicked on the “Comment on This Answer” link that’s at the bottom of each article. I liked what I found, and signed up.

ETA: IIRC, my first X posts were lost in the infamous “winter of missed content”.

There was no poll at the top when I posted. I’ll have to look at it and see if anything fits.

ETA: Found it via Cecil’s column.

Ten years ago I was bored so I typed in[waybackmachine link] as was the style of the time. Looked at the cool animated gifs and clicked the link to The Straight Dope.

I’m another person. I worked a few months at a night job with nothing to do but play around online.

I found it through the books, which I’m surprised is not an option. Read the first couple of books and when I dialed-up, er, logged on next, typed in “Straight Dope” at yahoo and voila!

Books? Ummm, {sheepishly} what books?

Some of Cecil’s columns have been compiled into book form.

I was googling something (I can’t remember what) and the subject of my search had been covered in a Straight Dope article. I read those for nearly a year before discovering that there was a forum, which I joined as soon as I found.


I read several mentions of this place on the Snopes forum, so I surfed over to check it out.

my first email / internet access was through AOHell [but I got better…] and I followed a link to one of Cecil’s columns, and stayed. I didn’t actually join until after 2000. I remember I joined then lapsed then rejoined.

A link to this thread: The horror of blimps led me here, some time in 2003.

…and 7 years later I make my first post. Going for my 2nd post some time in 2017, maybe.

I read the books. Sorry to be so…antiquated.

I think Lemming and I should really meet. We joined within 30 days of each other and… wow.

My husband, Suburban Plankton sent me a link to this thread.

DavidB posted a link on Snopes to a thread here where he and Liberal (or Libertarian as he was then) were arguing about the “That’d be the butt, Bob” episode of the Newlywed Game.

I’ve been here so long, I can’t even remember.

AOL had a “Random Page” Roulette wheel. The rest is history.

Since I have an interest in useless knowledge, Hub bought me the first book for Christmas in 1999. I loved it and it had a reference to the AOL boards. Neither of us had ever heard of The Straight Dope. I tried to find it on AOL and couldn’t, then discovered it had moved to the real internet. I lurked for a loooong time because I wanted a witty username. One never came to me and ultimately I had a thread that I HAD TO POST IN so I finally registered as Ruby. The rest, as they say, is history.

Another one here who found it via the books.

Pretty sure I found it using Stumble Upon.